Report Management Made Easy!

Q: Why do I need your product when Crystal Reports includes so much web-reporting capability?

A: Our product allows you to organize and categorize all your documents, including Crystal Reports, Adobe Acrobat, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, into one centralized location.  It will also allow to schedule your reports and to provide a secure centrally managed repository for your documents.

Q:   What Crystal Report viewers does your program support?

A:   We have found the the most stable and problem free viewer is the Crystal Reports .NET viewer.  This viewer is easy to install and is customizable, giving us the full features that come with the ActiveX viewer without the installation problems.

Q:   Does Ripplestone have a limit on concurrent users?

A:   No, the license for Ripplestone allows unlimited users

Q. What are the different Ripplestone licensing options.?

A.  Single Server License

Ripplestone can be installed on one (1) production server and on a test server as well as a backup server. 

  • Two Server License
Ripplestone can be installed on two (2) production servers and on a test server as well as a backup server for each of the production servers 

  • Enterprise License
Ripplestone can be installed on as many servers as you like as long as the servers are within the company.       Ripplestone cannot be installed on a client’s server or any server outside of the company unless that server is being hosted for the company. 

Servers can be any type of server and can have up to 4 processors.

Q:   Do I need a license for Crystal Reports?

A:   Yes, you will need to own a license for Crystal Reports Developer.  You can purchase this license or we can purchase the license for you and include it with your purchase of Ripplestone.

Q. What is included in the annual support and maintenance contract?

A. Support includes unlimited phone, email and remote access support for all versions of Ripplestone.   Support hours are 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Mountain Time (GMT – 6:00) Monday –Friday.   All phone calls and email will be responded to within 24 hours.


Maintenance includes all new patches, updates and new versions of Ripplestone. These files can be downloaded from and can be installed with or without support.


Usually there is a release each quarter, with needed patches within the quarter.