Report Management Made Easy!

Product Demonstration

You can logon to the demo using a User ID of "administrator" and a password of "password".

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Click here to see the demo:

Tips To Make the Most of the Ripplestone Online Demo

To see many of the key features of our product, we suggest performing the following:

1)   Folder-Level Security

To see how the folder-level security included in Ripplestone give you complete control over access to your reports, logon to the system using different UserIDs:

UserID                Password                Reports You Will See              

Administrator       password              All reports in the system.

Alabama             password             Only the Alabama office reports.

2)   Scheduling Reports

Feel free to schedule a report to run.   Click on the "Scheduled Documents" link on the main page.    Please be logged in using the administrator user ID.   Ripplestone gives you the ability to control which users can schedule reports.   In our demo, we have only given the Administrator user ID the permission to schedule reports.  
NOTE: The demo system does not have the scheduler running so schedule jobs that you create will not actually run.

Click here to see the demo: