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Changing the Ripplestone SMTP Mail Server

By - Brenda
08.02.13 01:42 PM

The default configuration of Ripplestone uses an SMTP server that is hosted by Ripplestone. This will work for most users, but can be changed to use a different SMTP server or corporate mail server like Microsoft Exchange.

The web site and the scheduler both have their own configuration files that will need to be changed.

Web Site:

The web site configuration file is the web.config located in the C:\Sites\Ripplestone folder


The scheduler configuration file is the RSScheduler.exe.config located in the C:\Sites\Ripplestone\bin folder

Both files have the same section that will need to be updated. Below is the section with the default settings. The line starting with <network host= is the line that will need to be updated. The host will change to be your SMTP server or Exchange server; it can either be the URL, Name or IP Address. If you do not need a user name and password you can remove those fields from the line.

After the changes have been made you will need to restart the scheduler service for the changes to read. The website will restart the next time a user uses the Ripplestone application.

<smtp deliveryMethod="Network" from="">
<network host="" userName="" password="rs!email" port="25"/>