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Delimited Crystal Reports Parameter Values

By - Brenda
20.03.12 11:00 AM

We have a Ripplestone client that has a report with a string value parameter that had values that were delimited so it could be any of the listed values.  This was then used within the Selection with a IN clause.

The values were surrounded with double quotes and then had brackets around the quoted values.  Below is an example:



The problem was that the double quotes would not work within Ripplestone since the double quotes would not work with the HTML Dropdown Box.  All that would be returned in the HTML would be the bracket (“[“) and nothing else.

We found with some testing that we could remove the Brackets AND the double quotes and the report would still work.  Below is the delimited list without the brackets and the double quotes.

40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45


This worked in both the Crystal Reports designer and also when published to Ripplestone.