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Setting the IIS Idle Time-out

By Brenda

The Idle Time-out within IIS can effect Ripplestone by closing the worker process before the session has timed out.  This will cause an error within Ripplestone when you click on a link.  This is because the worker process has been stopped due to inactivity and will result in an error like the one b...
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Accessing Ripplestone From The Server

By Brenda


There are times when the URL \\localhost\ripplestone will not work on the server.  If this happens you can try the following to allow the server to run the Ripplestone website locally.

  1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
  2. In Registry Editor, locate and then cl...
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How to Change the File Upload Size in Ripplestone

By Brenda

When you publish a Crystal Report file or document to Ripplestone you are moving the physical file from the local storage to the web server. Ripplestone has a default file size of 10 MB, so report files that are larger than 10 MB will not upload.

This size can be changed in the web.config file loca...

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Running Ripplestone on Vista and Windows Server 2008

By Brenda

I was working with a Ripplestone client to get the software installed on a Vista PC and had a do a few things different than if this was XP Pro or Windows Server 2003.  The main differences were that Vista and Windows Server 2008 use IIS 7 and the .NET framework 1.1 is not installed by default.

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