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Updating the Page Size in the Parameters List

By Brenda

With the new version of the Crystal Reports Runtime Engine there is page size limit that determines how many parameter values are in each page of values.  The default is 200 values per page or batch.

Below is an example of a report that has 2100 parameters.  The parameters are broken up i...

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What’s New in Ripplestone Version 3.3

By Brenda

Ripplestone 3.3 - Summary

Home Page

Home Page Data Caching

Most of the data used by the home page is now being cached by the system. This increases the performance of the home page by reducing the number of calls to the Ripplestone database. This option can be controlled by the administrator i...

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Changing the Ripplestone SMTP Mail Server

By Brenda

The default configuration of Ripplestone uses an SMTP server that is hosted by Ripplestone. This will work for most users, but can be changed to use a different SMTP server or corporate mail server like Microsoft Exchange.

The web site and the scheduler both have their own configuration files that w...

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Accessing Ripplestone From The Server

By Brenda


There are times when the URL \\localhost\ripplestone will not work on the server.  If this happens you can try the following to allow the server to run the Ripplestone website locally.

  1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
  2. In Registry Editor, locate and then cl...
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Ripplestone Performance Tips

By Brenda

When publishing Crystal Reports to Ripplestone; there are a few simple options within the Crystal Reports designer that can be checked to increase the performance of the reports when they are run from within Ripplestone.

Page Setup

The first is to set the No Printer option on the Page Setup dialog...

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