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How to Use the Send To & Email To Feature

How to Use the Send To & Email To Feature

By Jeff

When a user runs a Crystal Report from the home page of Ripplestone, the report is displayed within the users web browser. They have the option to manually save the report by exporting the report output to a file or they can print the report. But if they would like the report saved to a file every t...

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Force Larger Font when Exporting to PDF from Crystal Reports

By Jeff

When exporting from the Crystal Reports Runtime Engine, some reports will have a smaller font size when exported to pdf.  This can also happen when printing a report since browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge will first export the report to pdf and then print the pdf file.  Internet Explorer ca...

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Printing Crystal Reports from the Ripplestone Scheduler

By Jeff

When trying to send a Crystal Report directly to a printer from the Ripplestone scheduler, you will need to change some settings to allow the scheduler service to have permissions to the printer.

Changing the Login for the Service

By default the Ripplestone scheduler runs as a local system account....

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Updating the List of Values (LOV) in Crystal Reports

By Jeff


Using Crystal Reports Designer

When using dynamic parameters within Crystal Reports you can easily have more parameter values than Crystal Reports can display.  The default number of values that can be displayed is 1,000 and if you are using cascading parameters the number of values is the sum of...
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How to Use RSExpress

By Brenda

This feature, called RSExpress, allows a report to be run and viewed in the report viewer without first logging into Ripplestone. This allows users of Ripplestone to run reports that are published in Ripplestone from external applications without the users first logging into Ripplestone and running...
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