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What’s New in Ripplestone Version 3.3

By Brenda

Ripplestone 3.3 - Summary

Home Page

Home Page Data Caching

Most of the data used by the home page is now being cached by the system. This increases the performance of the home page by reducing the number of calls to the Ripplestone database. This option can be controlled by the administrator i...

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Ripplestone 3 - Home Page Tour

By Brenda

With the release of Ripplestone version 3, we have added many new features to the home page and to how you view and interact with Crystal Reports.

Below is a quick tour of the new features.


Performance and Usability Improvements


Two new links have been added to the top menu bar.

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Ripplestone Release 2.9.12

By Brenda




With version 2.9.12, Ripplestone continues to improve Crystal Reports Parameters Page and the Scheduler.

Report parameters

Fixed issue with parameters with no value

If a parameter has no value the parameter will still be sent to the report.

Additional Improvem...
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Ripplestone Release 2.9.11

By Brenda




With version 2.9.11, Ripplestone continues to improve the scheduler and add features to give you more information about the reports and users within Ripplestone.

We will continually strive to look for ways to make Ripplestone the easiest tool for managing Crystal Reports a...

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Ripplestone Release 2.9.10

By Brenda

With Ripplestone version 2.9.10 we have concentrated on improving the Report Parameters page and the Scheduler.  These two are some of the most used sections of Ripplestone and benefit the most of getting new features

Report Parameters

  • Changed the Format for Date Ranges - When a report par...
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